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Your Third Quarter Market Update

Sunday, November 24, 2013   /   by Doug Leugers

Your Third Quarter Market Update




Welcome to my video blog. I am here at the biggest and best real estate conference of the year put on by the National Association of Expert Advisers. We spend a week here in Dallas, TX discussing the best overall strategies that help you buy or sell your home. 

Today, I wanted to give you a third quarter update. So what’s happening in the market? Since January of 2011 the home sales have steadily increased. 

I get asked all the time about what’s going in the market, but what’s equally as important is why is the market doing what it’s doing. In a recent survey, the top 5 reasons someone buys a home was determined. 

  1. A better place to raise their children.
  2. A place their family can feel safe.
  3. Ability to have more space
  4. Freedom to renovate to their taste.
  5. Owning is a better investment.

I wanted to talk a little bit more about that last one. Did you know that owning is 35 percent cheaper than renting? Plus investing in real estate is way more profitable than the stock market. 

Homes prices have increased 12.4 percent. If you have $100,000 you want to invest, in the stock market you would spend that $100,000, in real estate you would probably only put down a payment of $10,000. Thus your return rate skyrockets.  

This is a huge window of opportunity for you. The Federal Reserve has been talking about tapering off on the bond purchasing. When this happens, interest rates will increase.  In fact rates are expected to increase at least by one percent in the next year. 

Now is the time. Make your move. If you have any questions, please give me a call.