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Leugers Group Deliverables

Thank you for visiting our site!  We're so happy you were able to make it out to Cinc University, get out of your comfort zone, and learn to make the system grow your business!

As mentioned in training, you will get training materials that were prepared for you by CINC.  All you have to do is fill out the survey!  In addition to that, by being at CincU and listening to Doug, he mentioned some additional deliverables not included.

Things like

  • Script Updates
  • Policies and Procedures updates
  • How to Clean up your database cheatsheet
  • Monthly Mastermind Accountability Zoom call
  • Vendor Contact info mentioned during CincU

If you're interested in receiving these updates or just staying in touch with Doug, enter your information, including your office address (so we know what market you're in) on the right-hand side of the page.  Once you do, you'll receive the links to the materials on the next page.
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