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Realtor Vendors

KDNA - KDNA helps us track all our critical numbers.  Without this, we wouldn't know if we're getting better or worse.  It would be like trying to Steer a Boat without the Wheel.  It takes my agents about 10 seconds or so to report their numbers. For more info: http://www.KDNA.com and let Steve know Doug at Cinc University sent you.

Shoutboss - helps us communicate better with our leads. It helps us with Speed to Lead, as well multiple contacts to leads in a short amount of time. On top of that, it is consistent. Same message, regardless if my agents are available or not.  Find out more: http://www.Shoutboss.com 

Structurely - Spend more time Closing, and less time Qualifying.
Aisa Holmes engages and qualifies your leads through messaging around the clock.  Find out more: http://www.Structurely.com


Here's how to test out Sarah Holmes:

text: (239) 309-2439


I'm looking for my first home in Atlanta

For Recruiting, we use Wizehire.  The cool thing about Wizehire is that they automatically collect the DISC personality profile, and Resume of the applicants.  They also, match the applicant with the job and give you a score. It's all built out for you with templates and other tools.  No Contract and worth checking out!  Find out more here: https://wizehire.com/

Vyral Marketing- Helps us by communicating with our database with valuable content in a lot more convenient way. http://www.Vyral.com  Here is a list of things they do:

  • We build your video blog
  • We brand your social media
  • We research your keywords
  • We give you proven video topics
  • We export your email database(s)
  • We reconnect with your contacts
  • We interview you on an HD webcam
  • We edit your video
  • We upload it to Youtube
  • We optimize it for search engines
  • We write custom blog articles
  • We send your video email
  • We update your social media
  • We publish your iTunes podcast
  • We track who's ready to talk
  • We advertise your video on Facebook
  • We call you with feedback weekly
  • We hold you accountable